Saturday, 14 July 2007

NEW CAR!!!!!!!

We brought a new car this week and I am wrapped!

My dearly loved mum van (Nissan Nomad 89 Model) was on it last legs, and we have been so wanting to get a new car and do a bit of updating.

When we went looking I had my heart set on a new Tarago, and also a car that had cup holders (its a must with kids that play to have some where to put the coffee....LOL) , cd player and air con.
I saw a really nice Tarago in one of our local car yard here in Hobart, but it was so out of our price range and Dh said hoo...LOL

Any way Dh and I goggle other people movers out there and found the a site about the Kia Carnivals, so we thought we would go check them out. On Monday night we took a 2000 model for a test drive and quite like it. There like driving a very large station wagon.
We then took a newer model (2004) for a test drive and feel in love straight away. This one only had 88000 on the clock and was own buy one owner and was really looked after. It was also in our price range as well, which made Dh happy....LOL

I could believe it in one week we had brought our selfs a new car and we were all very excited about it.

Here are some pic of our new car that as all the mod cons... oh and the important things the cup holders...LOL

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Anonymous said...

love it kylie cant wait to have a drive in it heheh lol alli xxx

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