Sunday, 1 July 2007

Friends Layout

Here is a layout I created this weekend.

This layout is of Alli and I when we met, during the last school holidays. I have been itching to scrap this photo for awhile now.

I wanted to put the journaling on this layout to remember how it felt meeting Allison and also what we did for the day she was down. So I created a index card for under the photo for the journaling.

The Journaling reads :

Today I met Allison face to face and it was brilliant!! Alli and I have been internet friends for awhile. We first met each other on and became good friends. When we started chatting in the forums we decided to start chatting on msn. We would stay up late, and “I mean very late,” and chat, LOL We really got to know each other!! Alli lives 3 hours drive away from me and we thought it would be brilliant to meet! We have been organizing it for ages, but things always seemed to get in the way. But when Alli turned up on my front door step thanks to another Friend of mine from SB, I couldn’t believe it. Alli and I had the whole day together. I took her scrap shopping and loved it!! I know that it was along way to come for a coffee but it was well worth it. :D 7/6/2007

I so cant wait to see the layout Allison is doing for our day together. I also can't wait for me to go see Alli!!! :D


Anonymous said...

wow i love the journallingg makes me want to cry ...i still cant beleive how well we get on and how much we have in comman lol your real friend alli xxx

Kathleen Pitt said...

that is such a gorgeous LO, I love the colors in it, and your Journaling is beautifuls

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