Sunday, 3 June 2007

School Holidays

Well its the weekend here and starting Monday we have school holidays for the kids. I'm wrapped this school holiday as Lance is off for the 2 week break. This is the first time since having Sarah that Lance has been home on holiday with the kids. They are also wrapped to have there father home with them. Because Lance works most weekends they don't get to see him so much.

We have nothing really planned for the 2 week break other then to just chill with the kids and have a good time, and enjoy the sleep-ins.....LOL
Ah to sleep-in is such a brilliant thing to do at this time of the year.....Waking up on cold winter morning make us all feel so sluggish and even more tired. I think that the kids are looking forward to the sleep- ins too.

Just knowing that we will be spending this time together makes me feel so happy!!! :D

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