Wednesday, 20 June 2007

The Kids Are Back At School!!!!

Well the kids are back at school after having two weeks off. Lance is also back at work, so it only Sarah and I at home and its ever so peaceful....LOL

I must say that the two weeks went very quickly and to get up on the first day back to school, with horribly weather was a shock to the system. It was freezing temperatures with a think blanket to frost...brrr the kids all thought it was snow...LOL.

Most of the holidays we lapped up the fact the we could all sleep in ......oh and we did....LOL.

We didn't plan much for these holidays as, Shannon still had soccer commitments. But we did do some nice things together, and I think the chance to spend time together was the best part of this mid year break.

As I posted before I had visitor during the first week of holidays, and that was brilliant to meet up with Marion again and also to meet Allison for the first time.

We spent a night at Lance's parents over the holidays and the children thought that it was cool, cause normally its them staying there, so mum and dad can have a child free weekend......LOL. It was nice catching up with Lances parents and spending some quality time together.

We also took the kids to the movies to see the new Shrek 3 movie.... They loved it!!! And I was very excited for Sarah as this was her first time at the movies.... I was dreading it to begin with thinking ok, we are taking a 3 year old to the movies she not long started toilet training and her attentions span is very low at times. But hey to my surprise she sat there the whole movie and loved it....She laughed when all the funny bits happened and she enjoyed eating the lollies we had taken in with us. It was just a shame that I couldn't take my camera into the movies and take some photos of this first for her, for me to scrap....hehehe

My how fast time flies when we are all together and relaxing. Both Lance the kids and I cant wait for the next school break, we have made plans for them already!!!....LOL.

Well its back to the running around and the chilly mornings......busy busy busy!!!!

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Anonymous said...

mmm a camera in the movies that would be good precious faces to photograph lol alli xxx

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