Thursday, 7 June 2007

I Had A Fanstastic Day Today!!!

Today I had a surprise and I was one happy lady today.
Previously I blogged about meeting Marion and Mary-Anne from SB!!
Well today Marion can to visit me and she brought me a surprise. She brought down Allison and Allison's DD with her......I was shocked.....speechless was more to it....LOL
I have been smiling all day... :D
I was so glad to see Alli there....I have been bugging Alli on our msn chats to come down with Mazz for the visit but she keep telling me that she was busy.

When the girls arrived we sat and had a coffee and a chat. Mazz left to see her sister and I was left with Alli to catch up and chat away. Allison brought her album down for me to see and I was wrapped....I must say seeing them in real life is fantastic. Alli's layouts are beautiful and I recommend everyone to check them out on SB!! Here a link Alli's gallery
Alli I would be very proud of your work!! ;)

After lunch I took Alli out for some scrapping retail therapy.....LOL. First we went to the scrap shop out at Claremont, it was fun watching Alli like a kid in a candy store....LOL
Then I took Alli to my LSS were I teach.

I had the best day ever spending time with Allison.....Allison and I have been chatting on SB and MSN for ages and have become very close friends. It was finally great to meet face to face and to find that we have so much in common and to share such a fantastic time with someone that I know I will be friends with for a very long time.

Here are some photo's from this amazing day.

Thank you so very much Marion for organising this Day.......You are a legend!!!!


Anonymous said...

heheheh thanks for the great day i had so much fun and cant wait to see you in real life again wow it still seems like a dream heheheheh mmm not sure about the pics i hate pics of me lol heheheh lol alli xxx

Anonymous said...

btw thanks for the link to my gallery you are too kind xxx lol alli

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun! What a great surprise! The pics are awesome by the way...I expect to see pages from both of you very soon!

Anonymous said...

it was a great day and im glad that you two finally got to meet..maz

Terri Brown said...

What fab pics! they so need to be scrapped girls.

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