Friday, 18 May 2007

A Week

Well its been a week since I injured my ankle..... And I'm glad to say that I'm off crutches .....YA!!! for me. The only thing now is that I'm walking like a little old woman.....SLOW!!...... LOL......and the bruising I have is amazing. It still has to be strapped till the swelling goes down. So it makes it impossible to wear shoes.....grrr. Why did I have to do it of a winter.....LOL
But I suppose that is better then being laid up for another week.
Sitting around for a week was killing me. I really started getting cabin fever on Tuesday. I couldn't help myself I had to get out of the house. So I thought it would be a great idea to go out with Lance to the kids soccer training which was fine, I only had to sit around for an hour and a half....But after that we decide to go grocery shopping. Well that wasn't a good idea, I made it up two aisle of the supermarket and said to Lance and the kids that "I just couldn't do this on crutches", so I decided to sit in the car. I really think at times being on crutches was worse then having a bung ankle..LOL
Well Lance has had the whole week off looking after me and I have been very great full. He has taken the kids to school every morning and also picked them up. He's done the soccer training thing. He has also done all the cooking and cleaning of the house. I think with me not really being able to get around has really open his eye's to what I do every week and what goes into running this mad house of ours....LOL

My bruising is starting to turn yellow now, which is such a great sign that its healing.....Oh and the itching feeling I keep getting....Is driving me insane...LOL

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Anonymous said...

it looks painful kylie but at least it isnt broken alli xxx

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