Sunday, 13 May 2007

The Verdict !!

Well it was a big day Friday. I went to the doctors and he suggested that I go and have an x-ray on my ankle. Well the verdict is that I haven't broken my ankle. (Thank god!!!)
I've just done the tendons and ligaments ......So I'm off my foot for 4-5 days and having to use crutches. I'm hoping by then end of the week to be able to walk on in tentatively. The doctor has said that there is no more netball for the rest of the season, and when I do go back to netball I have to strap my ankle.

So does this mean I have more time on my hands for my scrapping......I suppose it does...LOL

I haven't done any this weekend. All I have done is sit on the lounge and be waited on hand and foot....hehehe foot how appropriate....LOL

Sitting around is killing me!! I'm not the type of person to just sit around. With 4 children there is alway something to do. Right now I'm feeling very grateful to Lance and Gary, they have help so much doing all the house work and tending to the kids needs.....Its funny not until I hurt myself have the guys realised how much stuff I do of a day....LOL

Well its off to do some more lounging around....Might even hobble into my scraproom and do some scrapping....hehehe

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Anonymous said...

oh no alli xxx enjoy the time resting

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