Sunday, 20 May 2007

Nervous and Excited

Well its Sunday today and tomorrow night is the big night for me. I have my first class to teach at my local Scrapping store. I've already got butterfly in my stomach.

I have taught before, I taught and Adult Education class about Visual Merchandising. That was many year ago when I work for Myers as a part of there Visual Merchandising team.
It's funny that when I have a large event in my life I alway get this feeling of nerves. Its only natural to feel apprehension in something new that happen in life.

But I have confidants in myself that the class will go fine and I will have the wonderful staff there for help and guidance if needed. I have done all the prep for the class I can do. Now its up to the other scrapper that I'm teaching to archive a layout that they are pleased with, with a guiding hand from me.

At the end of this class I should have a fair idea of what I need to do to teach another class and things will just get easier as it goes. I hope that the girls at the store really like the way I teach my class and want me to teach more.....but mmm I've already been booked into teach another class and I haven't taught the first.... Does that show that they have confidants in me already...they must do....LOL

I feel proud that the think my work is worth teaching. I mean what more can I ask for, I'm teaching something I love doing. So with excitement I really look forward to this experience, and this chance to pass on my knowledge of this amazing craft.

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Jane Ettia Jones said...

hey kylie how did the class go?

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