Sunday, 13 May 2007

Mothers Day

Today is Mothers day!!
Well my mothers day started off with a lovely sleep-in I didn't get up till 10.45 this morning. I also spent the day on the lounge lounging....hehehe

For mothers day I got some duel tip pens for my scrapping....I'm really pleased with them. I've been itching to use them. But being laid up with my ankle I've just been sitting around.. I'm thinking tonight of getting into my scrap room and doing some scrapping so hopefully I'll be able to use them.
The kids all made me beautiful handmade card and I think that they are the best gifts every. They mean the most to me....knowing that my children made these for me and put all there creativity and love into them.

I've enjoy my mothers day this year. Spending time with my children watching movies and just chill'n makes mothers day the best thing in the world.....I'm so glad that I'm a mother!!! :D

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