Wednesday, 2 May 2007

A Layout For A Friend

On I have made many new friends, but one in particular has become a very close friend. We chat all the time on SB and also MSN, her name is Allison, we have heaps in common. Like we both love scrapping we are also SB addicts.....LOL

Alli email me a photo of her beautiful DD and I scrapped it for her. I was very nervous as this was the first time, I have scrap a photo for someone else. I really wanted to create something that she would love and would like to have in her daughters album.
A friend of mine edited the photo in Adobe photo shop, and I was quite please with it. Alli's DD has the most amazing blue eyes I've ever seen, so when the photo was edited the eyes become the focus.

The layout was a pleasure to do and fun to create.
All the blue gems on this layout were sticky and while peeling them off the sheet they come off, they went every where. That evening after creating the layout I was getting undress for bed and found one of the gem in my belly button.....What the!!!!!.....LOL

I so hope you like this layout Allison, and I hope that your DD does too!!

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Anonymous said...

you know i love this kylie and thankyou soooo much kiss kiss alli xxx cant wait to get this in my album ...

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