Thursday, 10 May 2007


Oh I did the most stupid thing tonight at netball......I've injured my ankle. I was defending a player and I fell losing my footing and went down, so I have a trip to the doctors tomorrow to see what the damage is.....Grrr
This is all I need when I have my first class to teach in a weeks time....Wont that be great teaching on crutches.....LOL
So I know that the rest of my netball season is over now, even if my ankle is just badly sprained...(Which I'm hoping that all it is fingers crossed).
I really enjoy playing netball even though sometimes it's hard to get motived into going....... That because its winter here and playing outside in the cold nights is not the nicest thing to be doing, when you know that at home the wood fire is burning and keeping everyone warm except me....LOL

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