Friday, 25 May 2007

First Class

Well this is the first time this week I've had a chance to jump on to my blog and let you all know whats been happening to me.

I taught my first class at my LSS...(local scrap store). My class started at 7 but I just could help my self and turned up half hour before....LOL ....I'm glad I did. I needed to do name tags for everyone as being new to the class side of the store, I wasn't to sure on everyones names and they weren't to sure of mine. Plus I need to get the supplies out for the layout I was teaching.

The first person turned up and I could feel my nerves raising....but I maintained to keep myself leveled just. Then the second person turned up and my nerves got worse.....I think that also helping this lovely lady pick out her pp (patterned paper) for her photo's was nerve racking....I so wanted to make the right choices for her and also get her decisions as well.

Well we started the class and Heather behind the counter call me up and said that there other girls that book in for the class weren't going to make it as they were told the wrong date. There was nothing I could do about that....other then come back in to teach my layout again....Which I will be doing this Monday coming....

I found it a pleasure to teach the two lovely ladies I had for my first class, and I was quite great full that my first class only consisted of two.....So next Monday I should be teaching 5 and there could be more because the class is still open to another five people.

When the ladies were ready to leave they both said that the class was extremely interesting and were very great full on the technique I taught.

So that wraps up my info on my first class.....Lets see how I'm felling for the next one...LOL

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