Sunday, 1 April 2007

Meeting Friends For The First Time

On, I have made many friends and chat all the time to these girls.
Friday I was very happy to meet two of the girls I talk to, Marion and Maryanne.

Hobart was hosting the annual craft fair and of course we had to meet there.

I was very apprehensive of meeting them. I had thoughts running around in my head, like will they like me, will we have other things in common other then scrapbooking, and of course we do. LOL

I was greeted with hugs from two other girls that couldn't make it to the craft fair, and there was large smiles all round.
(Sorry Alli and Tracey that I didn't get to meet you this time but I'm sure we will get to meet).

We enter the craft fair like children in a candy store...LOL. We spent all afternoon walking around the craft fair buying lots of goodies and checking out the wonderful crafts that were on displayed.
Then later in the afternoon I took both the girls to my local scrapbook shop, and they seemed to really enjoy looking at all the lovely scrapping product I get to buy. Then after that we all headed back to my house for coffee and a good old chat.

I felt so luck to meet these wonderful girls, who were really down to earth and quite funny. I so do hope that we get to meet again and the other wonderful people I get to talk to on SB!!

Its a day I will never forget!!


Anonymous said...

wow it seems sereal seeing this pic i so wish i could have came but next time i will lol alli

Anonymous said...

thought the same kylie my heart was racing my brain was like putty but it was soooo worth it i really enjoyed the day hope there will be more. You are a inspiring person and make everyone feel so comfortable i soooo wish ali could have been there though. Till we meet again....thankyou very much..maz

Anonymous said...

You guys are so lucky to have met each other! I only wish some of you lived over here LOL! Great pics and sounded like you had a great day! Julie xxx

shopgirlaudi said...

That is sooo awesome!!! I'd love to meet some of my buddies:) Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun:)

Gaz said...

If I wasn't doing manly things at the time I would have probably come with you, lol!

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