Friday, 13 April 2007

Easter Holidays

We have had the weirdest Easter break....We have celebrated a birthday and morned losing a family member...... I think losing Lance grandmother on Saturday has made our spirits low. I found it hard to comprehend as this also was the day that we should be celebrating Sarah's 3rd birthday. So I had mixed feeling all day.

We were very lucky that Easter Sunday we had Sarah's birthday party. Sarah, is so into Barbie at the moment so of course her cake had to be a Barbie one....LOL
We all so had our traditional Easter egg hunt at Lances parents house.
It was a great day celebrated by the whole family and it took our mine off this sad time in our lives for awhile.

Other then the ups and downs we had, we just chill and also enjoyed being together.

Oh and eating heaps of chocolate......I'm sick of seeing easter eggs......LOL

Here are some of the photo's from our wonderful Easter Sunday.



Lance and Alex (Brother inlaw) being silly bugger!!

Tucker Time!!!

Present time!!!

Easter Egg Hunt!!

Ahh Time to chill!!!

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Gaz said...

That cake looks really cool.

PS Love the new music :-)

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