Sunday, 18 March 2007

When I See You Smile

This my eldest daughter Grace.

She is 7 and starting to act like a teenager already....LOL

When Lance and I found out we were having a girl we were wrapped, but not getting our hopes up to high.

When Grace was born we were thrilled. She was the first granddaughter and also our first baby girl, to spoil.... :D

Grace has this beautiful nature, she is kind, caring, and loving......Plus very messy, I have never meet a messy girl before and I'm constantly telling her to clean her room and but her washing out in the laundry.

She has just taken and interest in scrapbooking,
and she also likes all the girlie things like Bratz makeup and jewelery.

I love the way she mothers her little sister and protects her in every way. I hope that as they get older the bond gets greater.

I love you Boo!!!

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Gaz said...

My special little Boo (well, not so little anymore). I love how she is such a girly girl but will happily sit down with me and play Soul Calibur III - and kick my butt in the process, even if you are only using the one move! You've always had as much fashion sense as me, but I've got an income and can get more stuff, na na.

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