Sunday, 18 March 2007

Silly & Cute

This is my baby girl Sarah.

She is about to turn 3 in April.

We have the typical 2 year old here. She likes to get into everything and all so get into mischief, she has me on my toes all the time.

Her personality is changing but I do know that she is a rumen....LOL

She loves the older sister and spends most of the day following her around when shes home from school.

I do know that I baby her, because she is my baby and she is also my last child to have. So I'm lapping up ever moment with her.

I love you Sar Bear!!!


Gaz said...

She is such a cutie, but she's reaching that age (height) where it's not so much tender memories as tender places I end up with! Her antics make me laugh and laugh and she is probably my best and most poseable photo subject. Even though I'm a close friend of the family and not her real uncle, I just love it when she wants attention and screams "UNKEL!"

Anonymous said...

hello there i can see you have added cute sarah to your blog i love it when we are on our msn video chats and she says alli alli so cute lol alli xxx

Anonymous said...

Your kids are all so gorgeous Kylie, and I love how you write about them...the love you have for them is so evident! Julie xxx

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