Saturday, 17 March 2007

Slice Of Heaven

My little slice of heaven is this room.

When I'm ready to do a layout, I love sitting here and creating memories.

I have a bookcase on my desk with all my favorite products in front of me. I have sat here to the wee hours in the morning, I love also scrapping in here of an afternoon when the sun is streaming in the window.

In my cupboard I have all my pattern paper, card stock, stamps and larger embellishments. Also my photo's and albums so the are not in the sunlight and will not fade.

I also have our computer in my scrap room. So I can access the internet for my favorite scrap sites, and also to digitally enhance my photo and print them.

My favorite scrapping site is were I have all of my layout uploaded. I also chat to a wonderful bunch of ladies on the Australian and New Zealand forum. I have made some wonderful friends while doing this wonderful craft.


Merriyank said...

OMG Kylie I can't believe how tidy your scrapping stuff is...... I think you need to come and visit me for a while LOL.

Great start on your blog.

Anonymous said...

Much tidier than my "space" too...the dining room table! LOL looks great Kylie, love the site.

Julie (EJTmum)

Anonymous said...

cool kylie loving your space

Anonymous said...

hey you know i love your scrap room alli xxx

Terri Brown said...

Can you come tidy my scrap space to look like that?? Man I am now ashamed of my creative mess!!

Gaz said...

I don't think I've ever seen anyone take to something so quickly. What started out as a small folder, then a desk and is now virtually an entire room your scrapbooking has just taken off. I love your scrap style and your most recent lo's are worthy of being published in magazines. I love that we have friendly little digs at each other's work and can talk about creative things for hours - we've ignored Lance quite a few nights, he he he. And whilst I really don't try to compete with you, I know what buttons to push to get you going. And hey, it's your own fault, you got me into it, he he he.

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