Sunday, 18 March 2007

My Boy Always

This is my youngest son Zachary.

He is 8.

Zachary has a loud personality and can be quite the clown at times.

He love the company of is brother and sisters, but also love to have alone time. He will go to the bedroom and play by himself for hours.

He also loves to draw and I think that he has a very creative imagination.

He is also has a very caring nature he will always putting other peoples feeling first before his.

He also is the loudest of all my children, I know that I have to tell him to turn is volume down quite often...LOL and I think that his funny sense of humor is what makes is so loud he love to be the clown and make people laugh.

I love you my little clown!!! Zac


Anonymous said...

i so love this pic and the lo of course lol alli xxx

Gaz said...

While sometimes you annoy me when you get upset over losing at a video game, you make me laugh with your antics - sumo wrestler pose! You have a huge interest in Digi/Pokemon and you astound me with how much you know, being able to talk about fact after fact (I'd say you get this from your Dad, he he he). You are almost always happy but you need to eat more stick man!

Anonymous said...

PS Nothing makes me laugh more than when you walk into the room and go "Love you mum," then "Love you more Unkie Gaz" he he he he he

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