Saturday, 17 March 2007


My name is Kylie, I am a mother to 4 beautiful children (Sarah 2, Grace 7 Zachary 8 and Shannon 11). I am married to a wonderful man (Lance). We have been married for 12 year and been together a total of 16 year. Every year with my soul mate gets better and better. My kids are my world. I am a stay at home mother so my world literally revolves around my children. I started scrapbooking in March 2005. I had been thinking about scrapping for ages and never got into it. But one day I went out to the shops to by some wool for a scarf I was going to knit for my husband and they had a scrapbooking kit there and I thought, I'll buy it and give it a go. Well the scarf never got done I was hooked now I have a scrapbooking area in my study and I love to buy all the latest products for scrapping. I am still learning all there is to know about scrapbooking but I know that I love it and will be scrapping for the rest of my life. Specially knowing there will always be photos to scrap.


Anonymous said...

Hehe Kylie ... so whens the lst time you knitted ???


Sharden said...

Thanks for sharing you family stories I know a little more about you!!


Anonymous said...

heheheh i still get a laugh about the scarf thing sounds like me tooo many started projects not yet complete at least you did get the scarf finished lol alli xxx

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