Saturday, 17 March 2007

Live Love Laugh

This is my partner in crime Lance....LOL

We have been together 16 years this July and we have been married 13 years this November.

We meet in our 2nd year of college and we have just grown together and created a wonderful family together.

I know that Lance is my sole mate and that we will grow old together until the end of time. He is my best friend and we share everything and keep no secrets. I believe that our bond is so great because we communicate and enjoy each others company.

We still know when to give each other our own space and do what we enjoy doing.

I can not imagine not spending my days with this man, who I truly love with every inch of my heart.

I love you so Stumpy!!!


Anonymous said...

awwwh Kylie , I love the way you wrtie about Lance ... so honest and open ... Beautiful reading !

Anonymous said...

you are soo lucky to have such a great person in your life soul mates for dure lol alli xxx

Anonymous said...

heheheheh sure geez typo hehehehee

Gaz said...

You two, well, what can I say. We have a history that goes back before your marriage and even though we've had our ups and downs you guys are my best friends (sniff, sniff, reaches for a tissue). I am grateful to be your friend and part of your family. I luv yas, I luv yas all, lol.

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