Saturday, 17 March 2007

Labour Of Love

I try to scrap once a week, but I would love to scrap more.....
I also play sports 3 times a week which I really enjoy, and running around after a two year old make it quite difficult to have spare time of a day.

We have a busy life style and when I do like to relax at times, I just enjoy chilling with my DH and kids.

I'm a very lucky scrapper that I have my own room and have a hubby that doesn't mind me shopping for new scrap products.

I think that scrapbooking is great for me as it give me a chance to capture events in our life and record the simple memories of my children growing and change every day. Plus I also get retail therapy at the same time, buying new product and supplies.

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Anonymous said...

i just love this pic and lo as you know it is one of my favs lol alli xxx

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