Sunday, 18 March 2007

All Boy

This is my eldest son Shannon.

He is 11 going on 21...LOL

Shannon has this wonderful personality, he is kind, funny, moody and emotional, but this is what makes Shannon who he is.

I love the fact that even being 11 he will still come up and give me a cuddle and tell me that he loves me.

He absolutely loves computer and play stations, if he had his way he would be on them all the time, like any other child at his age.

Shannon is in is last year of primary school and I scared and apprehensive for him, but he seems to be really cool with it. I just cannot believe that he will be in high school, when I still can remember holding him in my arm after he was born.

Where have all those years gone. I love that he is my first born and that I will always have that special bond with him.

I love you Shazza!!!


Anonymous said...

i love how you have showed the pic before after after scrapping it lol alli xxx

Gaz said...

My godson how you have grown. You were the first and have held my heart for the longest. You have always been the 'little man' but I don't think the little will apply for much longer. I so want to spend more time playing with you, especially when you always ask me to play some new game that you have just invented (Cookie!), but now there's a whole clan I sorta have to work on a timeshare arrangement, lol. I love how you want to play the games that your Dad and I do and we try to include you - you just need to be faster (sometimes it's like watching paint dry, lol).

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